The Short List will help you bring your professional DREAM to life!

The Consultant
The Art Historian 
The Entrepreneur
  • We will use innovative tools to assess your skills, desires, and personality; target qualities you need to develop; and help you articulate your aspirations in tangible ways that will enable you to realize your career objectives.
  • We will encourage you to seek opportunities proactively rather than waiting for them to come to you and help you learn how to find the opportunities others may be missing.
  • We will teach you how to become the right candidate for the job and communicate what set you apart on paper and in person.
The Short List provides the personal guidance and direction you deserve.
  • Who you know can make all the difference in the competitive job market. We will help you create and maintain positive relationships that open doors.
  • We will help you clarify a long-term vision for success that you will achieve through short-term goals. You will see progress quickly and know that you are moving forward.

The Short List provides the personal guidance and direction you deserve. We offer a variety of services, from one-on-one coaching to community and corporate workshops and neighborhood presentations to help you define your dreams, believe in yourself, and achieve your goals.

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“I just wanted to let you know that I got the job! I was one of just four candidates selected so I am very excited to start in September. Thank you again for all of your help through this process; you truly made a difference!”

— Lindsay, Pennsylvania

“Earlier this evening I found out that I have been accepted as a Chicago Mayoral Fellow!…I am so happy! Thanks so much for the impact that you have had on my life!”

— Angela, Chicago

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