Connie (England)

The George Washington University



The Equestrian

Originally from England, Connie attended high school in the United States, just outside New York City, when her parents’ work moved them across the Atlantic. We had worked with Connie’s older brother, so she was somewhat familiar with the process. She liked the idea of the US liberal arts curriculum, but she also missed England, her extended family, and friends and wanted to explore schools in both the US and England.

Connie took a rigorous course load in high school; joined various activities, including her school’s championship field hockey team; and became a leader in a service organization working with homeless individuals in New Jersey and New York City. However, Connie’s true love is riding. She spent most afternoons and summer days at her local stable, which Connie affectionately calls “the barn.” During her junior year, Connie’s family helped her buy a 10-year-old horse named Homer that everyone believed could never be trained. Connie spent countless hours with Homer, showing him affection, grooming him, and building trust. Homer gradually allowed Connie to ride him, a feat that astonished everyone at the barn.

The Short List helped Connie research schools with flexible pre-veterinary or pre-medicine programs. She considered schools as far as away as California and as close as New York City. She knew she wanted an urban environment so she could secure internships at local hospitals and enjoy cultural offerings. She also wanted a school where she would either be able to come home to visit Homer or where she might eventually be able to board him close to the school. England slowly fell out of consideration as she narrowed her list down to urban schools on the East Coast in the US. We encouraged Connie to visit the schools to determine the right fit.

The Short List helped Connie research schools with flexible pre-veterinary or pre-medicine programs.
Connie’s last college visit was to The George Washington University in Washington, DC, a school mostly known for social sciences, including government, international relations, and political science. However, The George Washington University Hospital sits right next door, a real benefit for this urban school. The school is also on a direct train line to Connie’s hometown and Homer. None of this was lost on Connie when she sent The Short List a text that read, “I love this school, and think I want to apply Early Decision!”

The next weeks were spent writing essays, completing her supplement, and submitting all the required documents. We also showed Connie how to build a relationship with the school even before submitting her application. It all paid off when Connie received her Early Decision acceptance. She says she got the best of everything: an urban school, strong science programs, a nearby hospital, and an easy train ride back to Homer.

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