Jake (Ohio)

US Naval Academy



The Ensign

When The Short List met Jake during his sophomore year, he had one school in mind: the United States Naval Academy. Jake’s parents clearly had their concerns. We discussed the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Jake listened but felt it was both a privilege and a duty to serve his country. He also knew the Academy was a long shot because all of the service academies look for tremendous leadership and top-tier academic achievement.

We encouraged Jake to take those requirements as a motivator, so he worked hard on his academics, studied for the SATs, and watched his GPA and SAT scores climb. He became a leader on his high school lacrosse team and attended camps to improve his skills.

Jake was appointed to Ohio’s Buckeye Boys State, a program that stresses leadership and honor. He also applied and was accepted to the U.S. House of Representatives Page Program. He says those two experiences changed his life forever.

It took nearly a year from start to finish, but Jake says his acceptance was worth the wait.
Jake visited many schools during the process and several interested him, but he remained focused on the Naval Academy. He visited it several times and began to envision himself as an Ensign. The Academy has a complex application process that requires the applicant to receive a nomination from a U.S. Senator. Jake was able to secure that nomination, went through several grueling interviews, and then was asked to pass the physical.

It took nearly a year from start to finish, but Jake says his acceptance was worth the wait. Recently his government teacher asked the class if they approved of the U.S. government. Many said “no.” She responded, “In a government run for the people and by the people, only you, the people, can change that.” Jake shares that belief, and one of his goals is to choose the best way to serve his country. Jake showed all of us that when a student has a plan and is willing to follow that plan, the results speak for themselves. We have no doubt that Jake will serve the United States proudly.

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