Mary Anne (Ohio)


Mary Anne


The Tennis Player

Mary Anne (Mac) came to The Short List her sophomore year as an accomplished tennis player. She had been playing since the age of four and knew that tennis would be a part of her future. A bright and accomplished student, Mac knew a strong academic environment was her primary consideration in choosing a college, but she was uncertain whether she should also pursue playing tennis at the competitive level. Additionally, Mac was involved in a number of high school clubs and organizations and had just been selected for an elite choral group; she was looking for a college campus where she could continue to explore all her passions.

The Short List put together a list of potential schools and walked her through an in-depth evaluation and research process for the schools she was considering. We knew it would be important for Mac to visit campuses to find the school that would provide the best fit academically, athletically, and personally, and we helped her plan a few different campus visits.

The Short List understands the challenges athletics places on a student's schedule and the importance of time management. During fall of Mac's junior year, we discussed with her and her parents a plan for her standardized tests, as well as campus visits that would work with both her tennis and demanding junior year schedule.

The Short List understands the challenges athletics places on a student's schedule and the importance of time management.
By the end of her junior year, having researched and visited several schools, Mac decided tennis would not be a factor in forming her college list; instead, she would focus on schools that had the most to offer in her areas of academic interest. With this clarity, we helped Mac refocus her list of schools and prepped her for her final campus visits, as well as on-campus interviews over the summer. By the time fall semester arrived and her senior tennis season was underway, Mac had finalized her college list and had a good jump on her applications. Because she had taken the time to visit schools, clarify her goals, and define her criteria, she was able to identify a succinct list of schools that met her criteria and incorporated a range of reach, target, and probable schools.

Mac was offered early admission and scholarships to her top two choices and will be enrolling at Bucknell this fall. Following her acceptance, we encouraged Mac to contact the tennis coach, and she plans to try out as a walk-on in the spring.

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