Our Guiding Principles


Client Ownership

We are here to guide our clients, not do their work or make their decisions. We let their passions and goals steer the process. Once they share these with us, it becomes much easier to point them toward success.


Reduced Stress

We know how much stress the process can place on an individual or a family. We always look for ways to reduce that stress and turn the process into one of discovery.


Unique Approach

No two clients are the same. Although we follow our core principles with every client and some elements of the process may remain constant, we tailor our approach to each client’s individual needs.


Ultimate Happiness

We strive to guide our clients to schools, internships, programs, and careers where they will be happy. What makes clients happy depends on the client, so we listen closely to hear their passions.


Future Success

The admissions process, college experience, and job search should ultimately lead to long-term personal and professional success. We work to help our clients make decisions about college, graduate school, and their careers that will create that long-term success.