Jeff (Colorado)

University of Colorado



The Doctor

Jeff was living in Colorado, working as a member of the Breckenridge Ski Patrol, when his parents asked if we could help provide him some career guidance. He was beginning to consider different career directions, and his parents hoped we could help him find the right path.

Jeff shared that he had graduated from college as a philosophy major with dreams of becoming a teacher or lawyer, but was starting to feel pulled toward medicine. As a first responder at Breckenridge, he had encountered all kinds of injuries. In one case, a patient even died despite the ski patrol’s best efforts. This tragedy had a profound effect on Jeff, and launched his interest in working in the medical field.

During the summer of 2013, Jeff started working for Vail Summit Orthopaedics as a clinical technician. There he gained access to some of the nation’s top sports medicine surgeons. He was enthralled by what happened after his ski patrol patients left his care. However, he was worried that he did not have a competitive background for medical school.

Jeff skiing The Short List saw things differently. We believed Jeff could profile his experiences to his advantage. For example, we learned that Jeff had earned seven different medical or emergency prevention certifications. We helped him craft a resume that highlighted his professional credentials and included his community service work at Summit Community Care Center and as a surgical assistant on Community Surgery Day.

As Jeff gained confidence, we helped him research the top sports medicine programs and find the thread in his essays that showed how his varied experiences led him to a medical career. We helped Jeff craft his admissions interview responses and showed him how to follow up to reinforce his interest. Over the winter, Jeff received acceptances from several medical schools. His final choices came down to Columbia University and the University of Colorado. Jeff chose Colorado so he could stay in his beloved Rockies and pursue his education surrounded by some of the nation’s top sports medicine specialists.

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